[NetBehaviour] Beautiful Lie

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Dec 6 03:57:25 CET 2005

Beautiful Lie

Oh thy self deception is beautiful
it is beautiful - and it is vulnerable
a reflection of one who is unable
to bite onto realities ever conformity
and that is beauty, simple and complicated
healthy and complacent - unsure accent
deeper than skin and akin to sadness
I feed on lies - on these I believe
to deceive myself and so many others
indeed truth does stammer, next to doubt
self-lies are a backbone - life's spine
for filling, for fuelling, for filling all.

It is a nerve to heart resuscitation
a resurrection of one's need for love
that thing of which flitters, untouchable
when darkness questions our fathomable
crumbling built walls - deception rebuilds
nothing is more true than a lie

garrett (93)

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