[NetBehaviour] OpenOffice vs. Microsoft standards.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Dec 6 17:22:32 CET 2005

Hi Lewis,

Yes, I have as well. We had to get rid of Microsoft software, because we 
were getting virus's everyday- no matter what virus checkers/set ups we 
were using. Now- we have A linux network, with Suse/linux software, it 
is no longer happening.

I used to use open office on an old comp, a few years ago- and it was a 
bit shakey, but I use it all of the time now and it is great. Gimp 
instead of Photoshop, phpedit, programming editors...php, java and loads 
of other bit and bobs.

Although webby stuff I tend to sneak back to mac & use dreamweaver, 
because for time and simplicity- code & visual is more my thang.

I am not one of these types that guilt trips people into using certain 
software though- whatevern it takes really...


> i too made the jump from msoffice to open office a few months ago, and 
> am quite happy with it...
> also, i went from using proprietary apps in my daily development 
> work--zend, phpedit--to using eclipse...open source swiss-army-knife 
> of programming editors...php, java, and c/c++...and many more, thanks 
> to its plugin architecture....
> */marc <marc.garrett at furtherfield.org>/* wrote:
>     OpenOffice vs. Microsoft “standards”
>     Lately I have been using OpenOffice.org 2.0 for my word processing
>     and
>     spreadsheet needs. Initially, I decided to try it to boost my
>     self-esteem as a supporter of Open Source, in much the same way I can
>     fool myself about the damage my frequent flying does to the
>     environment
>     as long as I recycle all my beer bottles. But then I found it to open
>     faster and be just as effective as Microsoft Office for my basic
>     clerical tasks. It’s not perfect, but I’m sticking to it for now,
>     slowly
>     migrating my work flow from MS Office.
>     Like web browsers and email readers, office software is an important
>     test case for Open Source, simply because this is software that most
>     people need to use every day. Public and private organizations
>     that have
>     tried to migrate to open platforms have frequently been scared off by
>     the lack of basic productivity software. Bureaucrats are not
>     geeks. So
>     when the French tax agency switches to Linux and OpenOffice.org, it’s
>     not because they love Open Source. They do it because it’s cheaper
>     and
>     better for them.
>     more...
>     http://www.generatorx.no/20051124/openoffice-vs-microsoft-standards/
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