[NetBehaviour] Philosophy of Collectivity

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Dec 7 04:41:33 CET 2005

seems, sorry could and seems

- sorry - seems, sorry could and seems, do and do the tell the is one life
could i'd one could is death do death and - the one do or life we cata one
do do is way or is collective? or or travels or universal? universal? we
on collective? we of collective? it a collective? bodies bodies or i of or
of of looked my of on my it life. of of of travels looked my of i my
looked life. of of mud a looked fla of life. fla looked you mud mud ide my
flooding no mud you no flooding a you ide am fla on atinged ide mud
atinged fla tire mud am continues am congo goes am continues goes flooding
first here... continues acts continues stillborn on continues acts killing
if philosophy really continues goes acts killing killing acts goes am on
acts continues philosophy acts goes killing killing goes acts killing
killing acts philosophy acts goes acts killing am acts goes am killing
goes acts acts begin goes am protect goes begin protect am begin we goes
yes begin protect or begin yes or protect yes our begin yes yes or or yes
do or or yes our yes to yes or our yes one our or yes march yes i'm yes
our the to - the our our many? to thru to the charlie's to think,
charlie's the charlie's thru i'm i'm thru i'm charlie's sorry

universal? thru universal? the thru we collective? the of collective? it
or charlie's or bodies or do we thru or we bodies is of is collective?
universal? one or it it do on and or of of bodies - it bodies way it cata
could it travels travels on the way on death way life of way the the cata
my death cata looked death life. of death the of life my looked looked
looked could life. of looked my of life. my looked looked flooding of
life. mud looked my mud life. fla flooding flooding on of you ide flooding
fla ide you no fla on congo mud a am on flooding am mud atinged flooding
congo stillborn congo tire continues congo stillborn continues you goes
fla stillborn fla stillborn first you stillborn fla you mud flooding
flooding fla flooding fla mud mud fla flooding mud you fla fla flooding
fla flooding you you flooding fla you mud fla flooding fla flooding fla
you mud fla flooding mud you flooding fla fla begin flooding mud protect
flooding begin protect mud begin we flooding yes begin protect yes begin
yes yes protect our or begin yes yes yes yes yes do yes yes our or yes yes
yes yes yes yes one yes yes our or yes yes yes yes yes yes - yes yes our
or yes yes yes yes yes yes think, yes yes our or yes our yes or thru yes -
yes yes our charlie's yes - yes charlie's one yes the charlie's thru - one
thru the charlie's seems, - charlie's death sorry one one - seems, death
one one is one one one - - is one do - - we - - - is collective? we -
collective? universal? universal? or is is i we of or of of bodies bodies
it we we life. or of it or of my my looked or or life. it of looked of of
my it of it it you looked mud you of mud fla looked mud looked looked a of
continues a mud really here... of ide of you acts mud acts mud am
continues really mud am really mud goes ide goes here... continues
philosophy continues you continues continues here... am am am really acts
acts continues mud continues philosophy philosophy killing continues goes
goes here... goes continues here... continues continues acts acts
continues if if philosophy killing continues philosophy philosophy
continues acts or continues on on acts begin philosophy acts our
philosophy protect or philosophy killing or acts yes our our our acts
begin or our begin or protect yes our our our or begin our our yes our
begin to our our march or yes the our to the yes i'm to march many? our
yes charlie's march our charlie's our thru our many? charlie's many? to
the many? charlie's the or thru yes charlie's charlie's thru charlie's yes

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