[NetBehaviour] The Stanley Williams decision comes in the midst of text production:

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 12 22:19:42 CET 2005

The Stanley Williams decision comes in the midst of text production:

Tom, I say, into the phone, are you there? Are you there, Tom? Pick up,
Tom. If you're not there, Tom, you won't pick up, and you won't get this
message. I might then leave any message, Tom, it would make no difference.
Not even differance. You cannot bend to my will, you do not know my will,
you are not present to listen to this message. Or you are listening on
playback, and I am not present. Either I am not present or you are not
present; in either case, time is transitive, but hopeless. It is the
hopelessness of time that occasions this message, this message for you to
pick up. I am speaking to the unhearable, just as you are listening to the

Where are Janice and Maria? Janice and Maria should be here, this is the
last class, this is an extremely important class. In this class you will
learn, a. the reason for the class in its entirety, and b. your grade in
relation to the reason and your participation in the class. I am
disappointed in this class, no, not in your presence, but in the absence
of Janice and Maria, and for that matter, the absence of Tom as well. You
will be marked down if you do not come to class. You have not been in
class for the past several weeks, and may not be taking this class for all
I know, any longer. I know I'm speaking to those of you who are present,
but what else might I do? I can hardly speak to those who are absent, who
are unlistening, not even to the rumor of my speaking; they are nowhere to
be found.

Pseudomainia: The mania of false hands. 10,000 PseudoMainiacs: The mania
of false bands. False hands play in false bands; I listen to neither of
them. To be precise, I do not listen to hands in any case, but to bands,
to what the hands, more precisely, the fingers, accomplish in relation to
the bands, or rather within the bands, what the bands desire to accomplish
in their entirety, to which I am both subject and object.

The governor of California has just denied clemency to Stanley Williams,
an unbelievably inhumane decision. We are living in one of the most
racist, polluting countries on earth. I hope there are riots. I hope the
governor's mansion is burned down. I hope the governor is burned down.
There is no justice in AmeriKKKa. Poor Arnold says this is one of the
hardest decisions he has had to make. He is present for the decision. He
stays alive. His stupid grin is present for the decision. His stupid grin
will stay alive. His righteous muscles tense for the righteous decision.
His cock is hard. It stays alive. Bind it. Blind it.

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