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BC Space Gallery shamefully announces the opening reception of their new 
exhibition For Shame, to be held December 21, 2005 from 4:47 PM until the late 
evening, at 235 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach.

For Shame, a mixed media exhibit, candidly discusses the systemic hypocrisy of 
sex, politics, religion, and many other topics we are not supposed to talk 

The public is welcome to attend the opening reception which will be held in 
observance of the ancient Solstice Saturnalia holiday, December 21, 2005 CE, 
beginning at sunset on the shortest day of the year until we tire.

During traditional Saturnalia celebrations in ancient Rome, the normal 
constraints of society were relaxed and citizens were allowed to indulge in 
ribald behavior. Everyone dressed casually, blurring the lines of class 
division. Slaves were freed from their regular duties, merry making crowds 
paraded in the streets, and outrageous public spectacles were held in the 
coliseums and arenas.

Shameful Artists Include:

Marsha Red Adams-Barbara Berk-Jerry Burchfield-Elizabeth Burnett-Mark 
Chamberlain-Bill Collins-Tom & Lisa Dowling-Jorg Dubin-Arie Galles-Jacques 
Garnier-Jeff Gillette-Jocelyn Schneider Foye-Jeffrey Frisch-John 
Gibbons-Richard Harper-Victoria Heilweil-Ray Jacob-David Knight-Lynn 
Kubasek-Mark Leysen-Douglas McCulloh-Jared Millar-John Newlander-Peggy 
Nichols-Damon Nicholson-Jim Nordstrom-Maria O'Malley-Kyle Riedel-Lydia 
Ringwald-Asami Sakamoto-Karen Feuer Schwager-Alan Sondheim-Pat Sparkuhl-Janice 
Tieken-Arthur Tress-Gene Tully-Taffy VanCalcar-Larry Vogel-Tanya 
Wilkinson-Garrett Wolfe.

For Shame will be on display until February 14, 2006 and may be viewed at BC 
Space, 235 Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach. Normal hours are Tuesday thru Friday 
1-5 PM with other hours easily arranged by contacting the gallery at (949) 
497-1880 or bcspace at mol.net.

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