[NetBehaviour] grapheme i for track16 gallery exhibition 5/06

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Dec 23 11:02:05 CET 2005

                            grapheme i for track16 gallery exhibition 5/06

every one a murderer

original photographs of world war two battleships

stereograms of world war one trenches and bodies

original photographs of world war two pacific fighting

stereograms of world war one technology

world war one will now be abbreviated wwi

original photographs and other papers taken from world war two
japanese dead

world war two will now be abbreviated wwii

an illuminated koran from 1847 cairo slightly opened
the pages will not be damaged

a korean painting of a tiger-riding shaman several centuries old

a top secret wwii map of the iwo jima battlefield from the battlefield

projections of torn avatars over furiously moving dancers

projections of dismembered avatars over propellers and gratings

nomadic tent located on the hardened gallery floor full-sized
with video within

a small photograph of a japanese wwii fleet presumably near yokohama

murmured texts played back from scattered monitors hardly organized
or present in space of every one a murderer

sexual projections over dancers and without dancers and sexual
confrontations there is no rest in this space

with the uttermost beauty of human beings there is no rest here and
here in this space

static images of dismembered avatar imaginaries torn into uncanny
beauty and troubling poses

dark spaces of rattling building vibrations sublated to aural
frequencies of the human organism they are here

dark crackles of very low frequency radio trembling in the presence
of human bodies auroras lightning decay of particles across the
cosmos near and far

i am so ashamed i cried when i saw these images written large somewhere
in the vicinity of wwi and wwii

the 1895 telegraph receiver mounted in the antique trolley car clacking
away and electronically echoed from sourceless speakers sounds and
presence of ghosts

the this of this is you and the you in this splayed space

space of ionizations ionized air recorded space of radium decays
space of furious nighttime guitars garcia lorca spanish civil war

space of inscribing of inscriptions of the last inscriptions of soldiers
dying and all memories lost recuperations of names and translations
from foreign tongues

the evanescence of horror in the absence of horror naming horror in its
very absence

every i is murderer every i makes love

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