[NetBehaviour] Murderous Dancesphere for Foofwa'd'I'm'mobilized Company

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Dec 29 12:56:08 CET 2005

Murderous Dancesphere for Foofwa'd'I'm'mobilized Company

Project: An enormous translucent plasticine sphere 300m in diameter will be 
erected upon certain neighborhoods in Geneva. Here, dancers will perform 
without the benefits of occasional inclement weather. In the style of Niki de 
Saint Paul, dancers will perform within the fabricated and static bodies of 
dancer-avatars ranging in height from 40m to 400m, constructed of similar 
material; these bodies are partially encased and partially external to the 
Dancesphere itself. Due to the rigors of the weather, this sphere and 
accompanying avatar structures are designed to remain on site indefinitely. The 
result is a natural, perfect, and perfectly natural, space for the permanent 
housing of the FdImC.

Date: This project will be fully in place at the time of the 2006 vernal
equinox, 3m/20d/18hr/26min.

Occasion and occasional: The project commemorates, not the impresario FdIm, but 
the Companions of the Company themselves, who have repeatedly requested a 
politically murderous space for their performances. In addition, we hope, with 
good reason, for the fallout of precipitation from the recumbent surfaces of 
the plasticine architectonics; new patterns of weather will result, outlined in 
faint traces of polluting residue on the concrete and asphalt surfaces of 
certain historic sections of the city.

Please note the simulated blood and other effluvia 'coursing' through the
artificial veins (in actuality, supporting tubules) of the structures.

Addendum: Dancers' injuries are quickly absorbed, not only through self- 
absorption, but also by the Dancesphere and avatars themselves, which 
organically respond.


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