[NetBehaviour] Residency Responses number 2

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jason and netbehaviourists

flash, like any tool, can be used very well or very badly. and sometimes
too well. people very often get carried away with making things fade
in/out, glide gently, bob around and react in 'physics' type ways for
absolutely no reason other than that they can.

what strikes me about jason's use of flash is that it seems completely
unapologetic. it is no nonsense. it screams 'FLASH' but it doesn't
matter because it isn't pretending that it is anything other than a
piece of work made with flash.
I like this simplicity. it is also reflected in the interfaces: buttons
are boxes or circles, arrows are often hand-drawn with the mouse. it
feels like a very honest approach to creating works, without fiddling
around, just making use of the essentials - what needs to be there? what
does it need to do? does it do it? yes! job done. this approach brings
it's own aesthetic quality.

I often feel that flash has been given a bad start by being called flash
- it's like naming your son champ and then forcing him to be a boxer. he
may be good at boxing? he may even win? but deep down aren't you
thinking 'what else could he do?'


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Ruth and all,

Yeah there certainly has been heaps of talk about
flash as an art/animation/web tool. The basic reason I
use it, is that I am sloppy, I leave off details,
include misspellings in my work, leave links dry and
all the other signs of a mind gone off to another
world for vacation. And with hard coding, with DHTML, javascript and all
the other fancy fancies, I would spend hours searching for these small
imperfections, these missing parcels and potions. So at least with flash
I can check the actionscript and all. 

Really any work isnt about the technology, and
shouldnt be about the tool. I you use a shovel, when
you dig it leaves a shovel shape. But to use the
shovel as an artistic tool or killing implement, the
idea is to leave the shovel behind, as if the hole
just appeared with aid if implement, or head crushed
simply by air pressure.  

Of course people will look at this work and say. Oh
that is flash. Only because there isnt another tool
like it out there. I do think many things look too
flashy, but things also look to photoy, or soundy, or
texty. Really....it is and always will be about the

As far as other artists. I do exchange flas quite a
lot with other people. This makes play and learning
terribly easy, and I love swimming within another's
net space. You can tell heaps about other people by
the way they organize their libraries, the way they
name layers, how they use objects, where they hide
things etc....there is a sociological essay there
somewhere.....hm....maybe I can get Marco media to fund it.

Lastly, Let me add that Flash is like a series of
magic tricks...the hidden and illusion are much better
pals than the engine jockeys filling up grocery store
parking lots on Saturday nights. I could use a snow
cone. I like grape.

cheers, Jason

--- Ruth Catlow <ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've been taken a look back through Jason Nelson's
> residency. What a
> diverse and deep labour of love.
> I searched into each interface for the behavioural
> model it proposed I
> adopt- where the rewards lay, how those rewards were
> elicited  (like a 
> change of expression in a baby's face in response to
> a smile) and then 
> indications of identities of the artists. Every
> decision became part of 
> building a portrait of a group of people.
> I'm drawn to the pieces that that connect words and
> architecture- ley's
> tree poem, praying in the suburbs and daily's inner
> and inner space- or 
> are they all getting muddled now. Then something
> completely different - 
> Golan's and de Pinto's faces smiling under my mouse
> strokes, like half 
> washed away murals.
> One thing I'd like to hear more about though Jason
> is your relationship
> with the Flash software and perhaps with other
> artists who work with 
> Flash. What, if any do you feel are the
> strengths/limitations of the 
> software on your explorations of interface/creature
> creation?
> I know it may be well trodden territory for some but
> I don't think I've 
> seen you write about it. What about other people on
> the list....?
> cheers
> Ruth
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