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maria miranda maria at out-of-sync.com
Fri Jul 1 04:01:29 CEST 2005

I love this idea... it also reminds me of Sue Thomas's Quilt project, 
from a few years back, where people described the view from their 
window at sunset or was it noon ( certain time of day, can't remember 
exactly). It was also publlished as a book.

I've really enjoyed jason's  networked flash remixes... as a Flash user 
it's great to see Flash used in such a spontaneous way, making it raw 
and unpolished. I like Flash cuz you can think about content without 
blowing yr brains out about the code. also felt v.happy to part of 
Jason's privileged 24...

Here's my work space description
I work from home, a ground floor flat on Coogee Beach in Sydney. I 
hijacked the dining room table and turned it into a work station. As 
the dining room opens into the kitchen, there's always kitchen stuff 
happening. Someone making a cup of tea, Nellie our cat sleeping/snoring 
(it's bad) in a box near the heater. Actually everything happens in the 
kitchen, including washing machine and dryer... it's machine heaven.

But the window overlooks the beach, and on a clear winter day like 
today, it's magic...

> Based on Ryan and Marc's prompting, and birthed by my
> little missives from my recent residency, I thought we
> should all play a game.
> I will start...and name them in the e-mail subject
> line   (Something like art/work space: Nelson (with
> your last name obviously)) and we will convince Marc
> and Ruth to publish the results...
> Most of my work happens in three places:
> 1. At my home: a high set queenslander: supposedly
> three bedrooms, but really just a bunch of open
> spaces: the house has a mango tree in the backyard
> that attracts bats and bat shit, they keep me company
> with their caterwauling and purring wings.  Within the
> house I find myself sitting on the bed in the front
> room, hard wood floors, ornate moldings, drafty dial
> out windows with these peppered panes that indicate
> age and small scale manufacturing. To my left is a
> small subdivision made by a large stand up cabinet
> that was made in England, bought in Bethany Oklahoma
> and shipped to Australia. An suitcase I stole from the
> trash bin of a thrift store holds various bottles of
> water and papers, and I have a DSL wireless network
> that I fear the neighbors leach off.
> My girlfriend likes lots of pillows, so there are
> u-shapes, long fluffies, short firms and pretty
> stiffs. above me is a makeshift romantic netting, that
> seems as of late to act as catchment for any kind of
> small object and pens. this being an old house, there
> are few outlets, so we've grown used to walking over
> extension cords and exchanging lamps for laptop power.
> 2. In my office at Griffith University, I share my
> space with spiders and ants. The spiders stir up
> trouble by dropping to the desk and hiding around the
> mouse. I keep my office closed and speakers loud,
> ignoring knocks and keeping the room as cold as
> possible. They put two filing desks and filing
> cabinets in the room, which I use as display cases for
> old science, sewing machines and heaps of maps and
> comic books. And for every old book sale I buy tech
> aged tech manuals and medical texts, having gone
> through two scanners and an additional hard drive just
> to capture what I see as the lost art of combining the
> mystic with the tangible. On the door of my office are
> intelligence testing cards, all shapes and sequences.
> On the billboard next to my office, I tear down credit
> card ads and religious flyers every other day.The room
> 2-04 is in an ugly building built in the late 90s. It
> feels weak and temporary. So I feel at home.
> 3. Four years ago when I started creating, I was
> largely computerless. So I became used to creating
> where ever I could find some technology. I created an
> old work called cube during a friends house party and
> another work called color at the library (using a
> trial version of flash (reloading it each time).
> Ummm of course there is more, but I am sleepy and have
> to visit the dentist in the morning. You will be
> seeing a work about death soon.
> Jason

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