[NetBehaviour] residency response 5: pisses me off

Jason Nelson newmediapoet at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 1 06:00:26 CEST 2005


One aspect about "net art" (or whatever term you
choose) that PISSES ME OFF is the lack of revisiting
forms. Most of this art community is geared towards
"new new new". With trends so fast, that if you start
reading about it, you are too far behind. 

So what this residency allowed me to do was explore
forms, to expand my art within a small space, to
revisit old inferfaces and recreate them. In poetry or
painting, there are many different styles. And most of
these styles are utilized and absorbed by tens of
thousands of artists. And although at times they
become cliche', at least they have gained that
cultural imprint needed for lasting infiltration. New
words take time and millions of reuses to stick in our
minds, to establish a a multitude of meanings. 

Perhaps that is why net art has such a difficult time
gaining and keeping an audience. Maybe we should
attempt to slow down and reexamine "old work" (which
sadly in our Field is anything created before the
breakfast toast has settled into the bowels).


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