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Ana Carvalho iana34 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 1 14:40:19 CEST 2005


This idea about sharing physical space with all of you
is really nice. I use a lot of images (videos and
photographs) from my house and specially my room on my
works. My identification with these spaces is

Where I work, create, think, read and sleep:
When I came to live here in England I started to do
work seated in bed with a blanket over my shoulders
and with the computer on a desk in front of me. This
was two winters ago when I was living in a tiny tiny
room. Then I moved to a bigger room in this gorgeous
house where I live and work now. From my room I have a
beautiful and quiet view over the green back garden
with an apple tree that very soon will be splashed
with red apples. The only noises here are the birds
and my music. I listen to music all the time.  The
window is open most of the day (now during summer). I
still work in a bed always full with laptop,
sketchbooks and tea mugs on the surrounding area (the
house has wireless broadband, which makes it all
really easy). The room has a desk which I tried to use
several times when I first came here. But soon it was
turned into shelves for a growing collection of books.
My room is always in the same condition as my head –
everything in place and tidy or terribly messy. There
is a map of England on one of the walls to remind
myself that there are so many places in this country
that I don’t know yet. There are also pictures of my
family, friends, places and postcards with images I
like to look at. Among them there is a special one of
the Emirate Towers in Dubai, it brings back memories
that I don’t want to forget.

Ana Carvalho

--- Jason Nelson <newmediapoet at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Based on Ryan and Marc's prompting, and birthed by
> my
> little missives from my recent residency, I thought
> we
> should all play a game.  
> OF
> I will start...and name them in the e-mail subject
> line   (Something like art/work space: Nelson (with
> your last name obviously)) and we will convince Marc
> and Ruth to publish the results...
> Most of my work happens in three places:
> 1. At my home: a high set queenslander: supposedly
> three bedrooms, but really just a bunch of open
> spaces: the house has a mango tree in the backyard
> that attracts bats and bat shit, they keep me
> company
> with their caterwauling and purring wings.  Within
> the
> house I find myself sitting on the bed in the front
> room, hard wood floors, ornate moldings, drafty dial
> out windows with these peppered panes that indicate
> age and small scale manufacturing. To my left is a
> small subdivision made by a large stand up cabinet
> that was made in England, bought in Bethany Oklahoma
> and shipped to Australia. An suitcase I stole from
> the
> trash bin of a thrift store holds various bottles of
> water and papers, and I have a DSL wireless network
> that I fear the neighbors leach off.
> My girlfriend likes lots of pillows, so there are
> u-shapes, long fluffies, short firms and pretty
> stiffs. above me is a makeshift romantic netting,
> that
> seems as of late to act as catchment for any kind of
> small object and pens. this being an old house,
> there
> are few outlets, so we've grown used to walking over
> extension cords and exchanging lamps for laptop
> power.
> 2. In my office at Griffith University, I share my
> space with spiders and ants. The spiders stir up
> trouble by dropping to the desk and hiding around
> the
> mouse. I keep my office closed and speakers loud,
> ignoring knocks and keeping the room as cold as
> possible. They put two filing desks and filing
> cabinets in the room, which I use as display cases
> for
> old science, sewing machines and heaps of maps and
> comic books. And for every old book sale I buy tech
> aged tech manuals and medical texts, having gone
> through two scanners and an additional hard drive
> just
> to capture what I see as the lost art of combining
> the
> mystic with the tangible. On the door of my office
> are
> intelligence testing cards, all shapes and
> sequences.
> On the billboard next to my office, I tear down
> credit
> card ads and religious flyers every other day.The
> room
> 2-04 is in an ugly building built in the late 90s.
> It
> feels weak and temporary. So I feel at home.
> 3. Four years ago when I started creating, I was
> largely computerless. So I became used to creating
> where ever I could find some technology. I created
> an
> old work called cube during a friends house party
> and
> another work called color at the library (using a
> trial version of flash (reloading it each time).
> Ummm of course there is more, but I am sleepy and
> have
> to visit the dentist in the morning. You will be
> seeing a work about death soon.
> Jason
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