[NetBehaviour] JPG: residency proposal

rich white rich at counterwork.co.uk
Mon Jul 4 10:11:02 CEST 2005

dear netbehaviourists

I would like to propose the following residency:

Joint Picture Generation (JPG)
the composite image challenge

netbehaviour residency proposal
rich white

a single .jpg which develops through list member collaboration.

at the beginning of the residency i will post a .jpg to the list. this
image will be a drawing made from scratch using photoshop. it will be a
simple, abstract image made using just black and  white.
list members are then invited to work on the drawing and post it back to
the list.
everyday i will add all list members additions to the image to create a
composite of all collaborations and then work on the image myself,
rearranging the imagery submitted but again only using black and white
to make marks.
i then post the update back to the list and the process begins again.
this continues for the duration of the residency (2 weeks).

(this is similar to the 'vs' image battles that exist on the web except
for the fact that i will not be working a back and forth pattern (my
turn, your turn etc...), particularly because i anticipate  having a
number of list members inputting simultaneously, i will just mix in new
posts as they happen.)

the few rules are as follows:
- only the resident is restricted to black and white. list members may
add any imagery.
- the image must remain the same dimensions in pixels.
- the image may be transfered to flash or other vector software,
photographed off the screen, anything list members can think of to
manipulate the image. but it must return to the list as a .jpg.

the purpose of the residency is to continually challenge me to disguise,
transform or hide recognisable imagery from the composite mix of those
submitted. I will try to create an image that does not remind the viewer
of anything - this is the composite image challenge.
after each image posting I would welcome suggestions as to what the
image reminds you of, and try and use these as guidelines for how (or
how not) to develop the piece.

the origins of this idea come from recent thoughts about digitally
created imagery; in particular drawing with a computer and using paint
software as a medium for drawing, and thinking about the validity of the
computer-made mark.
i would like to use this residency not only to challenge myself with the
task of drawing in this fashion, but also invite list members to submit
their interpretation of drawing, and through this interaction to
challenge me to make visual sense, through one image, of the multiple
ideas submitted.
The residency also reflects the broader aspects of my practice where I
am exploring ideas of creating works which have no context or basis in
our visual frame of reference. through this I am examining the processes
of originality and value, and the creation of belief in these ideas. 

the end result of the residency will be a series of progressive images
charting the development of the work, along with information on
collaborators and the suggestions submitted.

I'll leave it in your hands.

rich white


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