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> *"For Iraq, "The Salvador Option" Becomes Reality*
> Max Fuller
> Centre for Research on Globalisation
> Abstract
> The following article examines evidence that the 'Salvador Option' for 
> Iraq has been ongoing for some time and attempts to say what such an 
> option will mean. It pays particular attention to the role of the 
> Special Police Commandos, considering both the background of their US 
> liaisons and their deployment in Iraq. The article also looks at the 
> evidence for death-squad style massacres in Iraq and draws attention to 
> the almost complete absence of investigation. As such, the article 
> represents an initial effort to compile and examine some of these mass 
> killings and is intended to spur others into further looking at the 
> evidence. Finally, the article turns away from the notion that 
> sectarianism is a sufficient explanation for the violence in Iraq, 
> locating it structurally at the hands of the state as part of the 
> ongoing economic subjugation of Iraq.
> On 8 January this year, Newsweek published an article that claimed the 
> US government was considering a ‘Salvador Option’ to combat the 
> insurgency in Iraq. The Salvador Option is a reference to the military 
> assistance programme of the 1980s, initiated under Jimmy Carter and 
> subsequently pursued by the Reagan administration, in which the US 
> trained and materially supported the Salvadoran military in its 
> counter-insurgency campaign against popularly supported FMLN guerrillas. 
> The Newsweek article was widely cited in the mainstream media but the 
> allegations were rapidly dismissed by Secretary of Defence Donald 
> Rumsfeld. Though the reports mentioned human-rights violations, they 
> generally made little of the fact that it was the very units that US 
> military advisors had instructed that were frequently responsible for 
> the most unspeakable crimes* and that there was at times a clear 
> correlation between fresh bouts of training and subsequent atrocities 
> (see Noam Chomsky, ‘The Crucifixion of El Salvador’).
> more...
> http://info.interactivist.net/article.pl?sid=05/07/03/234725

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