[NetBehaviour] How Nuclear Power Works

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Wed Jul 6 11:37:39 CEST 2005

*How Nuclear Power Works *

By Amit Asaravala

02:00 AM Jul. 05, 2005 PT

Why use nuclear power?

Unlike burning fossil fuels, using nuclear fission to generate 
electricity produces no soot or greenhouse gases. This helps keep the 
skies clean and doesn't contribute to global warming. The World Nuclear 
Association estimates that the electricity industry would add 2.6 
billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year if it used 
coal power instead of nuclear.

Some governments also like nuclear power because it reduces their 
dependency on foreign oil.

Finally, the fuel used to power nuclear reactors is very compact in 
comparison to fossil fuels. For instance, one pound of uranium can 
supply the same energy as 3 million pounds of coal. This makes it 
attractive for use in nuclear-powered vehicles like submarines, aircraft 
carriers and spacecraft.

How much of the world's electricity comes from nuclear power?

Sixteen percent of the world's electricity is supplied by nuclear power, 
according to the World Nuclear Association. The electricity is produced 
by 440 nuclear reactors in 31 countries.

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