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soy i-mem sim.winter at soy.de
Wed Jul 6 01:10:04 CEST 2005

  And here is it again - 06.07.05 - 01:10:03

The dot new file
MOL is definetely no securtiy script and it is based only on text-files. But i think i hat some tests running by agressive search bots. There was one that even used to delete entrys because it followed the 'move' and 'delete' strings that were included in the source code as $get variables. The master of the bot :) gave me the tip to wrap the call in a form. I did so and since then there were no accidential deletions anymore. I know that slam 101 has a spam problem. I guess it´s because his provider does not allow him to have folders outside www. But this .new file must be created by a system that knows how to write to folders that at least in the actual configuration are not visible to the web.


       There is no automatism
         in communication
           that creates 

------- MOL 1.2.3 synDicATE.PROject.or -------------

MOL1.2.3: http://www.soy.de/main/index.php?subject=.new

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