[NetBehaviour] re: various

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jul 7 03:42:35 CEST 2005

- I'm making a proposal to do a study of the difference between analog and 
digital and the fractures between them. The obvious direction to go is 
extreme enlargements/drawn-out materials; there are also very low 
frequency radio spikes that seem 'digital' in the sense of on/off discrete 
soundbursts. I'd want a forum for discussing this and continuous presen- 
tations; the theme is almost always ignored. Sandy Baldwin and I are work- 
ing on a book on the subject.

- I wish I could offer money to support furtherfield; my own finances are 
a disaster and I have to find a host for my own work at this point. Apolo- 
gies. If anyone does know of a host that's both inexpensive and amenable 
to artists, please let me know, as soon as possible. There are a lot of 
pointers to www.asondheim.org out there (including some shows my work is 
in), and they're all dead at the moment.

- We released a California toad that was a 'pet' back into the wilderness 
yesterday, quite successfully. Next, a red slider turtle. If we could 
return all the (healthy) reptiles back here, we might start getting some- 
where on a local level. But it will come to an end with the red slider, 
unless we could kidnap some children and drop them off.

- I was offered a show today at a major LA gallery, which shocked me; it's 
the first bit of good news in ages. I'm waiting for confirmation. It will 
be in the main room, which is enormous, computer projections, etc.

- Alan -

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