[NetBehaviour] hope everyone is ok in london

ricardo ruiz doutorsocratesoreidofutebol at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 19:22:10 CEST 2005

... and bush will be able to complete forgot the geo-words "kyoto" and

2005/7/7, atty <atty at area3.net>:
> fine thanks (and also other digi art peopel that I know here I beleive).
> Saturation media shite going on predictably, 'true brit grit at war'
> etc. etc.
> No doubt it will be easier for Blair and co to push through enacting
> their bio-metric ID cards now ...
> doubt those fat cats at the IOC looking for maximum comfort and freebies
> for themselves would have given us that Olympic business if this had
> happened yesterday! So instead we have to put up with triple, triple
> order of Big Mac and Coca Cola ads for the next 7 years, and then pay
> £xxxx in taxes for it.
> xxxx
> atty
> Helen Varley Jamieson wrote:
> > hey, i hope you are all ok over there in london (one good thing about
> > living in the place where you work!) we have had live bbc here in nz for
> > a few hours but now i must go to sleep, sending aroha (love) from
> > aotearoa ...
> > h xx
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