[NetBehaviour] a few words on .jpg

rich white rich at counterwork.co.uk
Fri Jul 8 00:15:54 CEST 2005


thought I'd spend a few minutes writing a little about the project so

I'm currently working on the third image, which will be posted tomorrow
morning BST. if you visit the screengrab section of the project at about
8am BST you'll probably catch me putting final touches to the image.

the process I'm using currently goes like this:
after receiving a few submissions I open the current image and add the
submissions in separate layers in the order that they arrived in my
I set these layers to 50% opacity so I can see what's going on beneath
each one. in some cases I leave the opacity like this, others I return
to 100% and erase through them.
I spend quite a bit of time experimenting with this - trying to show
interesting parts of the images, letting textures come through etc...
after this I then work over the image on another layer in black and
while this is happening, or between sessions working on the draw, other
submissions arrive. this are inserted into layers above the previous
submissions and the process sort of restarts, adjusting what has already
been done to accommodate the new input.
by 9am (which is the deadline I've set myself to post) I should be ready
to post the next image. so I flatten the layers, save as a jpg and email
off + update the website. having a deadline ensures I have a point at
which I stop, otherwise I could just keep adding and adding and adding,
which is possibly another project in itself with some kind of live feed

I've set myself a few extra rules as well:
I must use everything that is sent, in some form. this makes it quite
difficult (which is good) as I try to do justice to everyones
contribution whilst at the same time still forming a cohesive image that
doesn't just look like a load of images layered ontop of each other and
set to 50% opacity. even by this third image I'm finding that I have to
be quite ruthless and discard a lot of good imagery. please don't be
offended if you can't find any evidence of your contribution - it is in

due to the file size issue and post authorisation some posts are getting
in a bit late. this is not a problem as I'm adding them as they arrive.
for instance there are two ana carvalho images in the third image,
purely because one from day one arrived a bit late and the one from day
two arrived on time, so one is quite deep in the layering and the other
is nearer the top.

as I write this dion laurent's barcode image has just arrived. I'll add
that in the morning.

keep safe everyone

rich white


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