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slightly diffferently

the hypocrasy of Blair saying we won't be intimidated by bombing

when he and Bush have been bombing many more people is sickening

violence breeds violence

which is why we shouldn't be too simplistic and uncompassionate

not that you are being

love and respect


>Shouldn't that be 'playing even when we are working'?
>And then last night after watching my genius friend dance at Showgirls I
>saw Tony Blair showing us his nipples on TV - and for the first time (not
>participating beyond an hour a year in that silly exercise in group think)
>I saw with my own eyes what (hopefully) was obvious to everyone else: the
>man is the perfect flatulent embodiment of the stupidity of a nation.
>Watching and listening to him broadcast his monologue of clichÎs of hate
>against the haters it was possible to see that in the arena of
>manipulation of mass hysteria he is a potent force - but not out of
>intelligence. (Wouldn't the intelligent thing to say be: 'we had it
>coming' and 'there will be more and worse'?).
>What was even more disturbing (or, if you prefer, amusing) was that 'the
>media' was in it (the hysteria) up to their rodent-brained eyeballs and
>the spectacle of the Poms wailing and gnashing their teeth when the terror
>they practiced for centuries - and still practice given the slightest
>opportunity - adds up to somewhat more than a few sub-Madrid bombs in
>The timing was wonderful. One day we have the people of London in a orgy
>of self-congratulation after buying the democratic vote to get the
>Mac-Olympics and the next day they are in an orgy is self-pity because
>what is happening most other places in the world is happening to them.
>Does anyone see it differently?
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>Subject: [NetBehaviour] New Reviews on Furtherfield.org (July 05)
>New Reviews on Furtherfield.org (July 05)
> http://www.furtherfield.org
> Scream(v0.1) by Amy Alexander.
> Following a theme found in several of Amy Alexander's previous works,
>Scream blurs the traditional distinctions between work and play. The
>effects of computers on our leisure time - and vice versa - is an
>important and still relatively under explored area in the analysis of our
>current social and political realities, despite the fact that "it's hard
>to tell work from play anymore. We seem always to be working - even when
>we're playing. Reviewer: Chris Joseph.
> Direct link: http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=149
> Grafik Dynamo by - Kate Armstrong Michael Tippett, on Turbelance.org.
> When I first encountered Kate Armstrong and Michael Tippett's Grafik
>Dynamo after reading a brief description on the Turbulence website, it
>made me think of the concept referred to as the "Internet Hive Mind."
>While I don't subscribe to this concept as such, my initial thought when
>viewing Grafik Dynamo was, "is this an example of what collective
>consciousness looks like?" Reviewer: Alison Coleman.
> Direct links: http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=152
> House Gymnastics by Harrison&Ford.
> Whilst discussing about boredom with each other in the upstairs hallway,
>fed up with everything, wanting something different, fresh and alive. They
>both realized that they had both reached a crossroads regarding the
>context of their creativity. An important era was born, and out of this
>meeting they busted their first moves. The Brace was conceived and
>perfected that one afternoon and several experimental versions of moves
> Reviewer: Joachim Desarmenien.
> Direct link: http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=150
> Why Rock? by Annie Abrahams & Clément Charmet, at Turbulence.org.
> As part of the guest curators season at Turbulence.org, Annie Abrahams
>and Clement Charmet have brought together a variety of digital artists
>perhaps more well known for their visual arts than musical explorations.
>Under the banner of Why Rock? The pieces presented offer an intriguing
>exploration of digital musics potential. One that is more aligned to ideas
>of DIY punk than what we imagine the current music scene to be. Reviewer:
>Mark R. Hancock.
> Direct link: http://www.furtherfield.org/displayartist.php?artist_id=205
> Call 1 800 interact by Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel.
> Bringing together voice and image to build a visual mosaic of users
>chosen colours, Voicemosaic allows us to hear the voices of people
>dropping by and saying a few words (mostly in Portuguese, and English) to
>be part of the project. Voicemosaic shows a screen that maps participation
>as it arrives from several different geographical areas, in different
>languages and different times, and from this something is meant to be
>produced. Reviewer: Joachim Desarmenien.
> Direct link:
> All reviews:
> http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreviews.php
> Reviewers at Furtherfield:
> http://www.furtherfield.org/reviewersbio.php
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