[NetBehaviour] Teo Spiller and Jaan Evart in Rael Artel Gallery, Parnu, Estonia

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*Teo Spiller and Jaan Evart in Rael Artel Gallery, Parnu, Estonia*

Opened some days ago, the current season of Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit
Project Space has been designed rather as a two-month-long festival of
contemporary art then a "regularly" functioning exhibition space. The
content-vise stresspoint of current season is defined by a moto "leaving 
creating relations". Why not to quit art and similar objects to that and 
working with relations and processes generated by them?

The season was opened with two soloshows: tangible net.art project by 
media artist Teo Spiller in white cube and "Various Artists" by young 
graphic designer Jaan Evart in garage.

The tangible net.art project by Teo Spiller is inspired by white cube 
space of  Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project Space. As an answer to the
white cube and all the conventional regulations accompanying it, the 
net.art project focuses mainly on the questions of translation. How to
"translate" the objects of virtual space into physical space and vice versa?
Spiller uses the fragments of virtual space and presenting them in 
physial space
in Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project Space, Pärnu, Estonia. The
context-specific project is questioning the conventional exhibition space as
well as wider aspects of art management and museological issues.
More information about Teo Spiller from website www.s-p-i-l-l-e-r.com

Last year Jaan amassed hundreds of self-drawn CD-covers from his 
friends, made
interviews with the authors and molded it all in the form of a book. For the
exhibition, the book is deconstructed into separate pages and put on the 
of the gallery. It seems to me that Jaan is truly interested in graphic
expression coming from the grassroot level, consumer's language coming from
"beneath" the radar of traditional art. He likes to sort and juxtapose the
things drawn by the fans of cult bands and analyse the motifs behind 
such behaviour. It is exactly
why Jaan's work about do-it-yourself-style graphic design and slightly 
urban phenomenon seems so fresh and new. "Various Artists" concentrates on a
generation's view of its favourite artists, their music, and, through it,
itself. On the side, Jaan explores the music freak's emotions and their
so-called visual illiteracy. This is true urban folklore. "Various 
Artists" is
released under an internationally renowned "copyleft" label.

Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project Space is situated in Lõuna Street 20,
Pärnu, Estonia. Gallery is 50 metres far from Rüütli Street and 50 
metres from
Koidula Park. The Gallery is opened almost every day (not during the day 
of the
vernissage) from 11 a.m through 7 p.m. Welcome to Pärnu!

For more information: moskva80 at moskva80.com or +37256460983 or visit 
the site

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Teo Spiller, media.artist
teo at s-p-i-l-l-e-r.com
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