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July 11, 2005
Turbulence Spotlight: "1001 nights cast" by Barbara Campbell

In "1001 nights cast," Barbara Campbell performs a short text-based work 
for 1001 consecutive nights. The performance is relayed as a live 
webcast to anyone, anywhere, at sunset. A frame story written by the 
artist introduces the project's nightly performances. It is a survival 
story and it creates the context for subsequent stories generated daily 
through writer/performer collaborations made possible by the reach of 
the internet.

Each morning Campbell reads journalists' reports covering events in the 
Middle East. She selects a prompt word or phrase that leaps from the 
page with generative potential. She renders the prompt in watercolor and 
posts it in its new pictorial form on the website. Participants are then 
invited to write a story using that day's prompt in a submission of up 
to 1001 words. The writing deadline expires three hours before that 
night's performance.

"1001 nights cast" is a project generated by the forces of that great 
compendium of Arabian tales, The 1001 Nights also known as The Arabian 
Nights. The project explores the theatrics of the voiced story, the need 
for framing devices, the strategies for survival, the allure of the 
Middle East and its contrasting realities.


Barbara Campbell is an Australian artist who works primarily in the 
medium of performance. Since 1982 she has worked with the specific 
physical and contextual properties of a given site, be it art gallery, 
museum, atrium, tower, radio airwaves and now the internet, in 
developing and presenting her works.

After completing undergraduate degrees in fine arts and art history, 
Campbell was awarded a Master of Visual Arts from Sydney College of the 
Arts, The University of Sydney in 1998. She has undertaken residencies 
at Griffith University, Queensland, The University of Melbourne, The 
University of Sydney and the Australia Council studios in Santa Monica 
and New York. In 1994 the NSW Ministry for the Arts awarded her the 
Women and Arts Fellowship and in 2004 she received one of four 
Fellowship grants awarded by the Visual Arts/Craft Board of the 
Australia Council for the Arts.

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