[NetBehaviour] Jpeg Bcast

Stefan Immelmann-Winter sim.winter at soy.de
Tue Jul 12 02:41:57 CEST 2005

Hi Ruth,

Here is the bbrace swf
And this should be the jscript to include to the website:
<script language=JavaScript 
If this thing continiues my provider will realise someday  that he did not 
sell me a traffic limit those years ago :). (The script works around ie file 
caching and so the images are loaded from server every time you restart the 
browser or reload with f5)

Reviewing them bbrace images... even if it´s only a very very few, these 
pictures ARE touching as well :).

And i really go with jason when he says "Maybe we shouldattempt to slow down 
and reexamine "old work"" .
It may sound paradox because the images changes of the bcasts are in fact 
quite fast. But perhaps that is what the smooth slideshows does. It makes 
the images that would otherwise vanish in the mail - stack accessible in a 
gentle continious reexamination loop you can just watch and enjoy.

ah yes, turn down the speed... good night :)


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To: "Stefan Immelmann-Winter" <s.immelmann-winter at soy.de>
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> Hey sim,
> though this...
> http://www.soy.de/~netbehaviour/jpg_bcast_res_rich-white/bcast.swf
> ...is really sensual, i especially like this.
>> <script language=JavaScript 
>> src="http://www.soy.de/~netbehaviour/jpg_bcast_res_rich-white/ 
>> bcast_javascript_out.php?w=500&h=375"></script>
> currently we have the one that you did of Mez's linked on display at 
> http://www.netbehaviour.org/resident_artists/mez.htm.
> I remember that you also made one of brad brace's residency- is this 
> still live? it would be great to link it again now we have the website 
> back up.
> cheers
> ruth

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