[NetBehaviour] a little shit collaboration

Jason Nelson heliopod at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 05:20:04 CEST 2005

 Collaboration is a loose term. It goes out on weekends and in various
postions lures others into its 1982 extenda van for rug burns and
wine coolers. I've never really had a real collaboration. My recent
residency was more of a inspired by others affair, where I took off
from something they had done. In many cases it was something
very small and stolen. Whereas with Rich's creations he is inviting
a more active participation, a much higher level of collaboration than
most projects. And marc is spot on. Rich's residency is growing
and becoming something else. The initial idea might have been 
somewhat limiting. But the fact that it has inspired others to rework
what he has done into animations and that so many (in relative terms)
have contributed on a daily basis makes this an organic process, a
growing beast, all chesty and phermone dipped. Waiting for the
night clubs to close and the stumblers to search for warm cabins.
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