[NetBehaviour] Intel in Europe anti-trust raids

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Jul 13 10:42:05 CEST 2005

*Intel in Europe anti-trust raids*

The European Commission has raided the offices of Intel and other 
computer makers across Europe as part of a probe into possible 
anti-trust violations.

Intel has been involved in a lengthy investigation by Brussels over 
alleged unfair trade practices.

"The investigations are being carried out within the framework of an 
ongoing competition case," said European Commission spokesman Jonathan Todd.

The US computer chip maker had no immediate comment to make on the raid.


In March, the European Commission announced that it was teaming up with 
Japanese authorities to investigate Intel in the wake of warnings that 
the US group had been stifling competition in the Japanese chip market.

Last month, it emerged that Intel was being sued by US rival Advanced 
Micro Devices (AMD) for anti-competitive practices.

Two suits were filed in Tokyo and are the latest salvos in a two-decade 
battle between the two companies.

Japan's Fair Trade Commission found that Intel violated competition 
rules by offering rebates to five PC makers, including Hitachi and 
Toshiba, on the condition that they agreed not to purchase or limit 
purchases of chips made by AMD or other rivals.

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