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Wed Jul 13 19:14:39 CEST 2005

Hi Rich,

I wonder if you could expand more regarding 'deleting things', as you 
mentioned. Much of your work involves this process.

Which of course comes from a different place I believe that the singular 
art 'act' refered to by Michael, which I believe was by the artist 
Robert Rauschenberg erasing a drawing by Willem de Kooning.

Deletion is definately fascinating if one explores it from a 
psychological angle; for deletion of memory is a function that takes 
place in all of us to some degree. The conscious decision to reside 
within the visual perameters of abstraction, also suggests that one 
prefers a sense of the other. Snow blankets our localities it smothers, 
and at least for a while deletes temorarily what was there before. The 
blanketing of a gap, is actually quite existential, and presumably does 
not alude to any purity in the classical sense  - yet may be the act of 
deleting itself, the process and not just its visual narrative explains 
where you are coming from. For the act of deletion is the act of rubbing 
out, a creative form of elimination.

So what are you deleting? Everything, and if so why?

I do not wish to impose any tyrannical idea onto your own narrative(s), 
vision(s), so may be let us know how and why this process of working 
came about...


>just because i want to know how you feel doesn't mean that i care;-]
>in my work there has been a long and steadily growing fixation with removing things, deleting things, censoring and blacking out. i like how you 
>can draw attention to something merely by leaving a space where it used to be. i feel that this process has a lot to do with our perception of 
>art, and things in general, that we see as important or valuable (not just in the monetary sense). our memories of things are often more real 
>to us than their reality, and through this an artwork can assume incredible status as it's psychological existance is massaged by the opinions of 
>others, media coverage and our own mis-remembering.
>On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 04:46 , Michael Szpakowski <szpako at yahoo.com> sent:
>>of the project? do
>>you feel like you have collaborated, or merely been
>>I don't think you should worry too much about how *we
>>feel* - I mean,we're all grown ups & its an
>>interesting little collab - and anyone who thinks that
>>an artistic collab that's worthwhile can be entirely
>>and simplemindedly egalitarian should get out more..of
>>course one sometimes struggles for more control in a
>>collab just as one might voluntarily *cede* some
>>control in a collab to see where it goes. Its not
>>politics nor is it life and death.
>>What I do find interesting is the dynamic of the
>>structure you've set up - as a participant it does
>>feel quite strange.. firstly the thing gives the
>>participant stimulus and licence to make something (
>>and I was quite sparked here -I spent a fun two hours
>>in the real world with paint and glue and things..)and
>>thus far there is the same sense of delight in making
>>that comes with exquisite corpse type projects.. but
>>then your "cutting back", editing, role in the
>>project, which has an almost combative feel, comes
>>into play -its as if you are firefighting the
>>increasingly varied stratagems for asserting their
>>individual creativity that contributors come up with.
>>Then, its as if we examine each new contribution from
>>you for its *absences* and somehow as if the art of
>>your residency inheres to a great extent in the act of
>>deletion , of omission..
>>( Who was it who did the rubbing out exercise on a
>>drawing... Can't immediately call them to mind.)
>>What's also interesting is that there is than in turn,
>>a counter tendency set up amongst participants to
>>work, the "perversity" factor where we wilfully
>>stretch your criteria or where there is a very strong
>>individual, almost "fuck you" ( in the nicest possible
>>sense, natch) feel to folk's pieces -something I
>>detect in annie and marc's jpegs today and joseph's
>>wine glass job of a couple of days back...
>>So, far from being simplistic or banale, I think there
>>is much real nourishment here, as indeed there has
>>been with the previous residencies. Long may they
>>'Everything is connected.' - V.I.Lenin
>>'..and always let your unconscious be your guide.' - J.Cricket
>>'Repetition, it's so fantastic, so anti-glop'- attrib. Lou Reed
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