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*Josephine Bosma*
Self Education, Collaboration and Networking

A history of research and development in net art probably should begin 
long before the development of the internet in the late 1980's. In 
effect most key issues in net art were dealt with in earlier art 
practices or disciplines, be it writing, cinema, radio art, sound art, 
music, kinetic art, conceptual art, the performing arts, mail art, 
digital art or video art. The novelty of net art lies in the 
amplification and realization of earlier art concepts in a new, 
personalized media field.

Besides the specific technical aspects each of these disciplines share 
with net art (for example: editing and design processes, mediated 
audience experiences, collaboration techniques), many of them also share 
something else: a very strong philosophical or critical component which 
sometimes tends to utopianism. Research and development in net art 
simply could not just stay limited to purely technical issues due to the 
politically and economically sensitive development of its tool and 
medium. What is probably most striking about net art is first of all its 
huge variety of practices, many of them interdisciplinary almost by 
default. This makes net art hard to define. A definition of net art 
needs to be based on cultural rather then material or conceptual 
phenomena. What all of these practices share is a dependency on software 
and hardware, but also on media access and legislation, i.e. on social, 
political and cultural issues.

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