[NetBehaviour] The London bombings: Why did it happen here?

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*The London bombings: Why did it happen here?*

By Chris Marsden
15 July 2005

The response of the Labour government to the July 7 bombings in London 
has been a mixture of hand-wringing and hypocrisy.

We are told repeatedly that four, and possibly more, young British men 
from immigrant families were prepared to blow themselves up simply due 
to an irrational hatred of Western civilisation inculcated by Islamic 
fundamentalism. No reason is offered for why these and hundreds more 
Asian youth are attracted to religious extremism and are prepared to 
kill and be killed. To even raise the question of the role played by 
Britain's participation in the Iraq war in fomenting anger amongst 
Muslims is to invite denunciations of being an apologist for the 
terrorist atrocities.

But to explain is not to condone. The emergence of Islamic 
fundamentalism and terror bombings is a manifestation of a deep-rooted 
disease in society and the body politic. Bitter denunciations will do 
nothing to change this reality. It must be understood.

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