[NetBehaviour] <nettime> In lieu of book or interview - a summing-up: (fwd)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jul 17 19:04:38 CEST 2005

(I thought this might be of interest here - it's a summing-up of my work - 
which - the work - seems to occur in relative isolation - ignore if you 
want - alan)

In lieu of book or interview - a summing-up:

My work deals with the relationship of consciousness to the world 
vis-a-vis the mediation of problematic and 'dirty' symbolic domains.

My work deals with the wonder of the world as new bandwidths, vistas, 
histories and geographies, are made available.

My work deals with the problems of foundations, Absolute, primordial, 
originary, in terms of debris and scattering.

My work is a continuous dialog, itself scattered among distributions.

My work evades biography, diary, autobiography, the anecdotal, whilst 
plunging into the simulacra of personal narratives.

My work exceeds itself, resonates with itself, with others; the others 
inhabit my work which curls around fictivity.

My work is my obsession, to an unhealthy degree; however, when filled with 
despair, there are moments of exaltation as distant shores are glimpsed.

My work is fearful of being found out; it is worried close to death.

My work is a stripping away of irrelevance; my back to the wall, I inhabit 
the world.

My work is a constant meditation on the world, on its diffuseness, its 
encapsulations, circumlocutions, circumscriptions.

My work has pretensions towards the philosophical and the scientific; I 
strip my work away from my work as well.

My work touches language, body, and sexuality, all in relation of an inert 

My work insists on the fragility of the good, of stasis, of permanence; it 
embraces the plasma, is swallowed by holocaust, dissolves in detritus.

My work covers the same ground repeatedly.

My work is simultaneously excess and denudation, artifice and natural 
deployment, ornament and structure, text and subtext, suture and wound.

My work is simultaneously hypothesis and hypothetical, a proffering or 

My work inscribes my work, deconstructing inscription and the walls 
surrounding the Torah.

My work hedges and devours death; I work furiously, death will allow even 
this and one other final flourish.

My work penetrates to the state of inversion; what is negative, is 
positive, and what is positive, negative.

My work is based on the fissure, not the inscription; it is based on 
substance, not dyad, on ruptured continuities, not positives and 

My work is a collapsed ecstatic; my work is a collapsed aesthetic.

My work presses the systemic until it breaks; my work is a broken work, 
construing breakage, irruption of subtext into text, symbolic into 
subtext, substance into symbolic; my work breaks the inscriptive chain 

My work carries equivalence across media, genidentity across protocols and 
virtualities, sexualities across avatars and bodies, politics into the 
flesh-heart and ideological strangulation.

My work is discontinuous on the surface, tending towards stylistic 

My work explores epistemologically and ontologically shifted bandwidths; 
my work brings the uttermost into the vicinity.

My work explores the desperate exigencies of the flesh, the shock-tactics 
of annihilation-creation, the degeneration of generators.

My work tends towards the unaccountable, the unaccounted-for; my work 
emphasizes the inconceivable.

My work inhabits originary past and indeterminate future, locating the 
plasma at the former, and the final outpost of substance at the latter.

My work runs from wavelengths universe-spanning to particle wave-lengths, 
listening everywhere; my work is a reporting from the limits.

My work inhales information-annihilation, being-annihilation, its own 
absence and every other.

My work inflates, exhausts; I have a desperate relation to my work; I tend 
my work in the meager hopes of its survival beyond me.

My work is its own; my work is centered in the dissipated locus of the 
histories of the self; my work is beyond my work.

My work occurs within non-aristotelian logics, within logics of non- 
distributivity; my work occurs within dusts and radiations; my work exists 
in relation to the death of the symbolic.

My work decodes my work; my work brings the code of work, the code of 
labor, to the surface.

My work is codework, operational research for the flesh; my work abjures 
absolute frameworks, definitive infinities.

My work explores the inaccessibly high-finite, the inaccessibly low- 
finite, numeric flux dissolution into physical-material real.

My work is the future of philosophy, the future of intellectual work, of 
the propriety of the intellectual; my work is the afterthought of the 
past, the afterthought of the future, the thought of thought and its 

'My work' or 'my work' but one may say '*' in lieu of the phrase; my work 
is a place-holder, shifter.

My work is neither this nor that; my work is not both this or that; my 
work is vulnerable.

My work is analog-stumble, digital clarification; the real is inescapable 
and production is discrete; my work is never done.

My work is trauma-therapeutic; my work is beyond that, bypasses that, 
circumvents that; my work is unconscious, of the dream of the real, of the 
dream of a real; my work stands on its own, ignores me; my work is in 
spite of me; my work is a collocation; my work circumscribe confusion; my 
work is insistent; my work is philosophy in the highest and lowest degree; 
my work is the world's unconscious; my work is the true world of the 
dissipation of worlds, of the imminence and immanence of death; my work is 
a bulwark and a fiction; my work is non-fiction, languorous; my work is 
neurasthenic; my work is the neurosis of the world; my work is never done.

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