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we go on and on and on


with love

rich white wrote:
> so when the internet explodes/implodes net artists will stop making?
> didn't we make stuff using other things before the internet?
> we'll probably find new things to use, won't we?
> probably get bored of the internet before then?
> and no artwork lasts for ever, no artwork is absolute, whether it be made of stone, piant, plastic or zeros and ones.
> what persists is our memory of it.
> (yes, i know, this is fallible too, but that's half the fun.)
> oh, and cheer up alan, it can't be as bad as all that can it?
> rich
> On Mon, 18 Jul 2005 10:39 , Ken Turner <ken at sqallp.freeserve.co.uk> sent:
>>What you're saying is, shall we say partly true and well said.
>>What anyone says is normally partly true.
>>but is truth the question?
>>Nietzsche was perhaps only partly true concerning nihilism and the 
>>But what is there after the abyss?
>>My understanding is that art is not what appears on the surface, its 
>>physical optical form  is not a representation of art.
>>It is more than that. That sounds like a cliche, but read on.
>>And of course both philosophy and art do not, in themselves, move on.
>>—they only repeat the impossibility of being able to express what it is 
>>to be human.
>>But in trying there is some achievement 'in depth' whether in Rembrandt 
>>or Cezanne, Kandinsky or Brecht or Beckett, to name a few.
>>Something in this relates to our indentity and place.
>>To paraphrase Merleau Ponty,  three dimensions only make sense when all 
>>three are rolled into the one of 'depth'.
>>Hermes Trismegistus said it is the "inarticulate cry".
>>On 18 Jul 2005, at 04:18, Alan Sondheim wrote:
>>>State of new media from strawberry fields forever -
>>>The work I'm doing isn't much different from the work you're doing.
>>>It will disappear when the net goes down or when it's no longer tended.
>>>Nobody tends things forever.
>>>It's amazingly ephemeral; there's nothing to it; it's stillborn, passed
>>>in email or on a website, that's all.
>>>It's not as if we're contributing to the well-being of humanity; the
>>>idea that art makes any sort of social or political difference is long
>>>outmoded, repeatedly proven wrong.
>>>We're not even making paintings which have a modicum of a chance of
>>>survival, 'being as how' they're concrete, inert, almost idiotic things
>>>(in the sense of Rosset or Sartre).
>>>Certainly we haven't made any contribution to physical theory or the
>>>sciences in general, and our work is rarely entertaining.
>>>At our performances and readings, only the rest of us show up.
>>>The 'culture' such as it is, follows mass media, corporate distribution
>>>systems, subtended radicalities; the best one hopes for is museum
>>>We've saved no one's lives through our art - turn the machine off, and
>>>we're pretty much done for.
>>>We engage in outmoded theories, bouncing one theorist off another, as 
>>>any of it mattered in the universe at large.
>>>We work through fast-forward intellectual fashions, situations in which
>>>phenomenology, existentialism, postmodernism, deconstruction, and so 
>>>- name your 'movement,' name your theorist - are considered outmoded, 
>>>if philosophy had advanced since Heraclitus.
>>>We ignore scientific theory, or borrow from it, on a simplistic or 
>>>phoric level, as a form of legitimation, as if we're somehow connected
>>>with scientific 'advances.'
>>>We confuse science with technology, substituting cleverness for any 
>>>disciplinary understanding, in fields ranging from psychoanalysis 
>>>Our theoretical work is written as if it somehow matters, somehow says
>>>something about the world, which we hardly understand.
>>>We substitute cultural politics for political action and depth; we 
>>>war or illustrate it.
>>>We entertain ourselves endlessly, as if our work had nothing to do with
>>>entertainment (some might call us failed comedians, novelists, what 
>>>you, substituting surface transformations for that hypothetical depth 
>>>seems to infest the canon).
>>>I am guilty of all of the above.
>>>We go on and on and on...
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