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David Rogerson david at sonicartsnetwork.org
Mon Jul 18 18:21:09 CEST 2005

Call for Lists
Sonic Arts Network would like to invite sound/image/text submissions for
material to be considered for inclusion in a Sonic Arts Network limited
edition CD publication concerning ŒLists¹. The edition will be published in
November/December 2005 in a limited run of 1000 editions and will be curated
by Craig Robinson, illustrator and creator of www.flipflopflyin.com
Lists are never far away from us.  As humans, we are obsessed with order.
We have an obsessional drive to categorise, sort and list everything.
In Art, Literature, Science and Philosophy, lists can be found. Musical
examples of listing range from Berio to Billy Joel.
We ask for audio (music/found sound/sound art/spoken word), literature,
pictures and suggested reference points.
The idea may be interpreted in the widest possible sense and can be
approached from multiple perspectives - acoustical, visual, philosophical
and personal. 
We encourage a diversity of styles and materials for selection.
The CD and its accompanying print materials will be the sixth in a series of
numbered, limited edition audio CDs, produced and distributed three times a
year, with guest curators and specially commissioned packaging.  The Cds are
free to members of the Sonic Arts Network (for more information on
membership visit www.sonicartsnetwork.org), reaching practitioners and
listeners in all corners of the globe, with a limited number of issues
released in selected outlets. Previous artists whose work has featured in
the CD series have included: Christian Marclay, Yasunao Tone, Francisco
López, Antonin Artaud, Jaap Blonk, Lucia Pamela and a host of others.
No payment can be offered for submissions nor materials returned.
Submissions should be sent to:  Lists, c/o Sonic Arts Network, The Jerwood
Space, 171 Union Street, London SE1 0LN.
Deadline for submissions is 19 September 2005
Further information/clarification concerning the submission of materials is
available from 
lists at sonicartsnetwork.org

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