[NetBehaviour] Cellphone to handset mod, with a difference.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Jul 19 12:46:31 CEST 2005

*Cellphone to handset mod, with a difference.*

"Essentially I will take the plastic belt clip for my LG Vx6100 and 
embed it in the back of the Western Electric receiver behind the ear 
piece.  I'll then mount the active components of a hands free headset in 
the receiver to make it fully functional.  Serendipitously, the voice 
command button for "driving mode" falls just under my thumb with the 
cellphone mounted as such, with the phone in driving mode I'll be use 
voice commands to dial.  Unfortunately, the phone won't let me retrain 
"Contact" to "Operator get me . . .", that would have been sweet!

First I took apart the headset and receiver.  The wiring in the headset 
was easy to figure out, there was a pair of lacquered wires for the ear 
piece and a tiny coax line for the mic.  I tested the Western Electric 
ear piece with the headset wiring harness and it worked very well, it 
was clearer and much louder the the headset ear piece.  Of course the 
original carbon mic will not work so I will mount the electret mic from 
the headset in the mouthpiece of the receiver.

Next I figured out about where I wanted to embed the cell phone belt 
clip.  I used a scribe to scratch an outline of the clip on the 
receiver.  Next I completely spaced the fact that I was taking pictures 
of the whole process in the hope of getting posted to Slashdot. Nuts! 
there are no pictures of the cutting!"


jake Vonslatt.
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