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*Furtherfield welcomes ]]MEZ[[ as the current critic in residence.*

Direct link to ]]MEZ[[ article:
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/The Immersive State of Reality[Game]Play*

The FurtherCritic Residency series started early 2002, offering a range 
of dynamic and accessible critical reviews, interviews and articles to a 
diverse, interested public. Starting with Lewis LaCook, it was continued 
by Ryan Griffis and now we are pleased to announce the start of a new 
residency with ]]Mez[[ (Mary-anne Breeze).

]]Mez[[ Bio:
MEZ [Mary-Anne Breeze] is an international net.wurker and avataristic 
author of the networked  "mezangelle" system. She has exhibited 
extensively since the early 90s [eg Wollongong World Women Online 1995, 
CTHEORY's Digital Dirt, ISEA_97 Chicago, ARS Electronica_97, 
SIGGRAPH_99&00, _Under_Score_ @ The Brooklyn Academy of Music 01, 
+playengines+ Melbourne 03, Art of the BioTec Era Adelaide 04, p0es1s 
Berlin 04 + Arte Nuevo InteractivA '05]. Mez is also an online 
journalist [e.g see Metamute, The Journal of Digital Information, 
CyberSociology Magazine, and fineArt Forum], co-moderator of the 
_arc.hive_ experimental mailing list and online curator and lecturer in 
Net/Codeworking. http://www.hotkey.net.au/~netwurker

Link to main FurtherCritic page:
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