[NetBehaviour] .jpg final report

rich white rich at counterwork.co.uk
Wed Jul 20 22:33:55 CEST 2005

hello all

just a few thoughts to sign off:

I learned a few things during the residency. a few about drawing with
the mouse - it's tricky.
I'm pretty pleased with the results, but not entirely convinced. the
final image was, for me, a bit of a disappointment (probably due to it
being the last one, therefore adding more pressure for it to be good). I
ran out of time working on it this morning (9am deadline). no excuse
really. alberto guedea's submission completely threw me too. I wish he'd
submitted more work earlier, it was really challenging. take a look at
his site: http://a--g.com/18/. really uncompromising, brash digital
additions to photographs.

I was pleased to provoke such disparate responses from people, although
I think I would actually prefere it if people said exactly what they
felt, even if it was by mistake leon;-) seriously though, leon's comment
was honest, which is what I wanted.
I found the debate around whether this was a collaboration or not a
little irrelevent. we could argue the semantics of this for ages but
this seemed to be avoiding actually discussing the work. what I wanted
to know was 'is this a good drawing?' (and discuss what ever that

with this project I was tyring to challenge myself with a task that I am
not used to - namely drawing using my computer and producing such a
drawing a day. added to this was the challege of using whatever was
posted to the list in response to the previous days drawing. I think
this was successful. I was challenged. it was tough. even if you think
the end results are so-so. artists should be challenged, otherwise they
become complacent.

one possible idea that occurred to me as a spin-off from this project
would be to have a permanent netbehaviour image posting - a constantly
changing image that keeps being altered and reposted by list members.
somebody could archive it somehow, or just let it drift and change and
disappear - always in flux... something to think about?

favourite submissions included:
michael szpakowski's paint by numbers 15.07.05 and real-world painting
dion laurent's barcode 08.07.05
ruth catlow's tv mix 11.07.05
david rogerson's barry cryer 12.07.05
anything by lo_y
alberto guedea's twisted sister 20.07.05
anything by ana carvalho
special mention to joachim and marc for their inventive use of other
people's submissions and lawrence upton for bookending the project. plus
sim's bcast.
please don't be offended if I missed you out there. all submissions were
gratefully received and always a surprise.

thanks once more to everyone that took the time and effort to

I hope everyone enjoyed the 'amusing game'. I think it's important to
remember that art does not have to be so serious all the time.



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