[NetBehaviour] U.S. moves to extend daylight time

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Thu Jul 21 01:51:41 CEST 2005

*U.S. moves to extend daylight time*

CBC News Viewpoint | July 2005

Canada could be left out in the dark unless it follows an American plan 
to extend daylight time by two months.

The U.S. Congress on Tuesday adopted the provision, which is part of a 
sweeping new energy plan. It would mean people would turn their clocks 
forward one hour on the first weekend of March and "fall back" on the 
final weekend in November.

The change, due to take effect this autumn if approved by U.S. President 
George W. Bush, could cause headaches for Canadians during March and 
November, the two months the two countries would be out of sync.

Television and travel schedules could be affected, while the change 
could also mean implications for business operations between the two 

Canadian critics of the adjustment argue children will be walking to 
school in darkness while drivers may face increased morning black ice, 
which hasn't melted in the sun.

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