[NetBehaviour] a short comment on Rich White's residency

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu Jul 21 12:13:18 CEST 2005

hello Rich, & all,

Thank you to Rich for taking part in the Netbehaviour residency. You can 
have a rest now, I bet poor ol' Jason was knackered himself after his 
own residency.

Both recent residencies have offered some pretty fascinating insights 
regarding participation and how they 'kind of' touch on collaboration, 
but not collaboration in a pure form (if there is such a thing), mainly 
because they stem from an idea of one individual - the artist.

One of the elements that I enjoyed personally, about Rich's project on 
this list was how it changed during the pace of time. Rich did not have 
as much control over the residency as we all thought that he might have, 
meaning that when one put's themselves on the line and bares a creative 
process for all to see, amongst nearly 200 individuals, on a list. There 
are all kinds of eyes watching and measuring according to their own 
perceptions. It was an experiment, which does give a little freedom for 
the artist, but it can also be overwhelming at the same time when one 
realises what a commitment it actually is. Various interactions took 
place that surprised Rich, which added a colourful flavour to the whole mix.

I was not surprised when Rich mentioned that he was disppointed with the 
last image, because the residency was part of the work, without all that 
involvement by others I feel that the art itself would be a static image 
half alive, which of course is OK - but the whole experience for all 
concerned had many factors that we all learned from which declared an 
intensity that was rewarding because it was alive, via the generous 
input from others users on the list.

So thanks again...


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