[NetBehaviour] Cell-Phone Rappers Spit Grime.

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Mon Jul 25 13:27:25 CEST 2005

*Cell-Phone Rappers Spit Grime.*

By Elizabeth Biddlecombe

02:00 AM Jul. 25, 2005

The success of a U.K. music genre known as grime, championed by the 
likes of Dizzee Rascal, has made rapping to mobile phones a popular 
pastime for a lot of British young people. On the street, cell phones 
enable impromptu rapping, or "spitting," over music played through 
speaker phones.

f MCs or rappers want to try out their "bars," or rhymes, they can 
"flow" over beats played over the speaker phone. Instrumental music is 
downloaded from sites like Rewind and transferred to the phone via 
Bluetooth or infrared.

Friends hang out outside, "spitting in groups around the streets," said 
music producer Joelle Reefer.

They wave their arm in front of themselves, like they are telling off a 
small child," Reefer wrote in an e-mail, describing the dance style 
currently in fashion on the U.K. garage scene. "Shaping and pointing 
their fingers to resemble guns, (they) start to spit/rap in 
synchronization one after the other, spitting a 16- or a 32-bar rhyme."

If the inspiration starts to flow and the participants really get into 
the music, they start to "hype" it up.

"'Hype' or 'hyping it' means over-excitement," wrote Reefer. "This is 
when a group of guys 'jam' around a phone."

The music can be shared via Bluetooth "very quickly" and for free, 
Reefer said.

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