[NetBehaviour] accouterments

Stefan Immelmann-Winter sim.winter at soy.de
Thu Jul 28 10:00:23 CEST 2005

on karnival.mov... a strange composition.A mixture of video snippet showing 
karnival street with people chairs, palms and a waiting marching band 
playing a stand-march loop, that makes the soundtrack for the weired smooth 
and weightles moving artifical objects and body copied into that scene. 
somehow it works together quite well... all in ancient sepia colors. somehow 
i´d like to see more... it´s quite some download and the marching band still 
waiting to start.
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> accouterments
> these are worth seeing
> http://www.asondheim.org/surfrodf.mp4
> http://www.asondheim.org/karnival.mov
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