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> From:     "ealloa" <ealloa at hotmail.com <mailto:ealloa at hotmail.com>>
> Date:     31 May 2005 12:02 AM
> Subject:  CFP "terra incognita" (ATOPIA 8)
> Call for Papers - TERRA INCOGNITA
> Deadline: June 30th 2005
> For a long time, regions unknown to the civilized world were densely
> populated by monsters, troglodytes or mythical beings. When the
> exploration era began, these regions were rapidly depopulated. In 1375,
> Abraham Cresques published his famous Catalan Atlas showing a wide blank
> stripe. Its caption was as simple as it was frightening: "terra
> incognita" - both a menace and a challenge to any mariner. For
> centuries, "terra cognita" and "terra incognita" coexisted within the
> same spatial coordinates, until it turned out that the mass to the south
> of the known world - "terra australis incognita" as it was known to the
> Ancients - wasn't the counterweight of the northern world populated by
> another species of man. With polar expeditions, the void on the map
> ultimately came to coincide with the white surface of the Antarctic. Now
> that the terrae incognitae have been entirely engulfed by the meridians
> of the known, there seems to be little space left for exploration.
> What was the story of these unknown spaces? Which new landfalls are
> possible, what new practices of partitioning are available? Some
> web-pioneers have decreed the Net to be the last terra incognita. ATOPIA
> 8 will look for unoccupied zones, unfamiliar territories, unfurling a
> path between concrete and imaginary, political and poetical mappings,
> while obeying the rule of any explorer: follow the river, going upstream
> from the coast. As no terra incognita is homogeneous, it has its
> arteries too. We thus welcome submissions for papers approaching the
> subject "Terra incognita" from a historical, philosophical, literary,
> artistic or political point of view. Please send in a brief proposal
> (max 500 characters) to atopia (at)atopia(dot)tk by June 30th 2005.
> Final contributions can be made in English, German, French, Italian or
> Spanish.
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