[NetBehaviour] RESIDENCY: Five of 24 artist interfaces: Marc Garrett

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Jun 5 17:27:37 CEST 2005

Hi Jason,

What seems apparent to me is, that whoever you choose to be marterial 
for your residency on Netbehaviour becomes a resident themselves to your 
own practice and creation. Pulled into 'nelson's' guantlet of being.


>Five of 24 artist interfaces:
>>>>URL:   http://www.secrettechnology.com/resident/marc.htm  <<<
>Exploring Images/Text by Marc Garrett.     Rickshaw upside by Jason Nelson
>Where was I?
>Much of this was created in my head while driving around trying to find
>a grocery store open after six on a sunday. Unfortunately I would have to 
>drive to Sydney, and that would take two days in a car other than my 
>rusted 1979 Toyota Corolla. The interface is so chock full of words and
>images from Marc that it slows significantly. But Marc's poem inspired me
>to play with three dimensions, to fall into the texts, to pull people
>into the words. Strangely while doing the tech work, my battery drained 
>at three times the normal rate. Must be something about Marc's brain. 
>Residency description:
>Exploring interface and interactive creatures with content grabbed,
>thrust, stolen, and borrowed  from new media artists, poets and
>electronic pioneers. Over these 2-3 weeks, I will create twenty-four
>digital extravaganzas, with each one being loosely or closely centered
>on the content, ideas, images and words of others. Think of this as
>ego stroking and translation, a way to connect to those I have never
>met and might not ever meet, and play with ideas of interaction and
>interface. Some have offered their content, others will simply be
>robbed, and all will be enchanted, confused, annoyed and giddily
>"As a NET ARTIST, I am apparently diying or dead. With that in mind, I
>bask in my zombie glow, my rotting wires and my urge to bite through
>skulls.  I could list those academic and worldly accolades that have
>trophied themselves on my work, but I am only as good as the last
>swirling mess I spit out. I live in Australia with a beautiful woman
>and miss the snow, so miss the snow."
>My worlds:
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