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try http://www.secrettechnology.com/resident/upton.htm 
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> Seven of 24 artist interfaces:
> >>>URL:    http://www.secrettechnology.com/resident/xavierl.htm  <<<
> Poetics by Lawrence Upton.     Friggin Slows the CPU by Jason Nelson
> I just woke up. And I have a headache. Some Bozo (and I love calling
> people by clown names) started replacing his roof before dawn. I 
> think he doesnt have good aim because his screams indicated nail gun
> accident. I am in bed and finishing Lawrence's interface. His poetics
> seem both abstract and intimate, so I wanted to use something that
> zoomed you into the text, while keeping it all hyperized. The problem
> is that this little doo-hicky makes the CPU or graphics card go
> bonkers. Too many computings. Far too many.
> Residency description:
> Exploring interface and interactive creatures with content grabbed,
> thrust, stolen, and borrowed  from new media artists, poets and
> electronic pioneers. Over these 2-3 weeks, I will create twenty-four
> digital extravaganzas, with each one being loosely or closely centered
> on the content, ideas, images and words of others. Think of this as
> ego stroking and translation, a way to connect to those I have never
> met and might not ever meet, and play with ideas of interaction and
> interface. Some have offered their content, others will simply be
> robbed, and all will be enchanted, confused, annoyed and giddily
> stroked.
> Bio:
> "As a NET ARTIST, I am apparently diying or dead. With that in mind, I
> bask in my zombie glow, my rotting wires and my urge to bite through
> skulls.  I could list those academic and worldly accolades that have
> trophied themselves on my work, but I am only as good as the last
> swirling mess I spit out. I live in Australia with a beautiful woman
> and miss the snow, so miss the snow."
> My worlds:
> http://www.heliozoa.com
> http://www.secrettechnology.com
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