[NetBehaviour] The password for your next phone is...

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Thu Jun 9 13:58:28 CEST 2005

*The password for your next phone is...*

By Tom Geoghegan
BBC News Magazine

As mobile phones get more sophisticated, is a PIN or password sufficient 
to keep them from prying eyes? Help is at hand or, more specifically, on 
your fingertips. Singer Charlotte Church suffered an indignity when 
saucy pictures of her were distributed from her boyfriend's mislaid phone.

It could have happened to anyone. Leave your phone or PDA in a pub and 
the chances are you've lost more than a few numbers. If you've got some 
of the latest functions, there could be private pictures, e-mails, work 
documents and favourite internet sites, all in the hands of a thief.

All the thief has to do is unlock it, which is usually straightforward, 
or crack the PIN. But consumers should soon be able to fight back with a 
new weapon - their fingerprints.


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