[NetBehaviour] An impertinent digression for the few remaining netbehaviour list members and lurkers

paul.annear at gmail.com paul.annear at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 04:54:41 CEST 2005

Dear Lord Nelson of the Argonauts & List

My observation is significantly different. 

Many lists appear to be flourishing. Not flourishing as in luxuriant &
flamboyant, gay & wonderful, saucy & spicy.  I mean rank but
constricted, wordy & woefully tedious.  In a word: infibulated

The language used (in the sense of unsuccessfully attempted) and
especially on lists that cater to 'the writer', (or even worse: 'the
digital writer') - which do not you will have noticed attract 'the
story teller' or 'the illusionist' - is the language of the committee
and the bureaucracy, the language of the borderline functionally
literate, the language of the neo-non-Illuminati.

The people writing to or on these lists are - as signalled by their
lack of joy in language and/or their precocious lack of talent for
writing - are, I say, servants of the system (any system), and smug
paid-up members of the bourgeoisie (or wanting to be).

In sum what is lacking on these lists are contributions from people
who can write. Clever, amusing, insufferable people whose
undefibrillated tachycardian heart attack prose overextends the mind,
upsets the bilious stomach, bruises the ragged genitals - and
nourishes the liver.

Not much of THAT around. 

Paul Annear

On 6/11/05, Jason Nelson <heliopod at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm a bit concerned. I would like to think we, those of us who have met and
> played 
> via these lists are a community. In fact, my personal benefits as a result
> of these 
> lists have been immense. But I am puzzled by how many of the lists,
> certainly 
> those that seem to center on digital writers, and poets have diminished.
> Webartery, 
> screenburn and even this list have dwindled to only a few responses per day
> (I'm sure 
> there are others before my time). Maybe some have migrated to other  worlds,
> maybe 
> others have been swamped with life, or maybe very simply the allure of such
> lists or 
> even the genre itself has waned. 
> So, what is going on? Is it simply that many have "retired", and we need to
> recruit 
> new members to our fold, new ideas and such? I even offer free prizes for
> comments, 
> which honestlyare truly real objects sent to you via the post, but few
> takers. 
> Hmmmmm.........what can we do? 
> Jason 
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Paul Annear

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