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Bob Marcacci bmarcacci at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 15:35:12 CEST 2005

My most beings, and I am liberal enough, who may have been on the verge of
extinction possibility that the contributions ... disinterested observer
that are scarily sociopathic unequivocally LOVE..

Pauls [sic] is a recent example, although there are much better mass usage
bewildering suddenness incidents. As the matter of - this one - way beyond a
joke formerly enjoyed by The Concise Model of .net.I, if I moment be so very
pleased to list to be an open list, I think with fragile lists.

Unfortunately, over a number of years in the ranks is totally understandable
and if somebody I wouldn't find to contribute to the zeitgeist.

Visit The Model pop-ups because as The Model is concise it all fits in one
look-at-me tool.

Bob Marcacci

> From: <paul.annear at gmail.com>
> Reply-To: paul.annear at gmail.com
> Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 16:56:55 +1200
> To: netbehaviour at netbehaviour.org
> Cc: Narina Amvazas <narina.amvazas at gmail.com>
> Subject: [NetBehaviour] Flaming Post Alert
> My most humble obeisance to all sentient beings, and I am liberal
> enough to include the hominids, who may have been offended by the poor
> humour of the kiwi.  An insouciant creature known in these parts as a
> bird that eats roots and leaves.  A bird of the night on the verge of
> extinction.
> May I suggest that a rational analysis of the situation would throw
> into the mix the possibility that the contributions objected to are
> not flaming or 'ad-hom' attacks ... but rather that it might seem to
> the disinterested observer from some other autophagic star system that
> the violently erratic and paranoid responses have some characteristics
> that are scarily sociopathic.
> Let me say unequivocally that I LOVE the idea of '... a month on
> flamers and general ad-hom attacks. Basically covering the art of
> attacks and such. Paul Annears [sic] is a recent example, although
> there are much better artists out there for this'.
> ('Out there' used to have a certain cachet amongst the stoner classes
> but its present mass usage reminds me of the time - was it the late
> seventies? - when with a bewildering suddenness every traffic cop in
> New Zealand had the same moustache.)
> I would like to emphasize that The Paul Annears are in at least
> temporary abeyance and in some disarray due to a recent series of
> inappropriate grandstanding incidents - some would call them flaming
> attacks - by a renegade faction of The Paul Annears who embarrassingly
> don't even understand what flaming is.  As the matter is sub judice I
> won't mention any names.
> One of The Paul Annears - this one - feels that the situation has gone
> way beyond a joke and has stepped in in a hopefully unfutile attempt
> to restore the high esteem formerly enjoyed by this multi-personality
> self-regarding web-monster.  This one of the The Paul Annears prefers
> to apply herhimself hermaphroditically to The Concise Model of the
> Universe, among other projects (and do please keep an eye open for
> www.do-it-yourself-porn.net).
> I, if I may be for a moment be so egocentric, would be very pleased to
> see this event of universal appeal ('... a month of flaming and
> general attacks via e-mail etc....') on any list that encourages
> mind-numbingly pseudo-intelligent comment and body-piercing
> eye-watering observation, along with unmediated and excessive
> self-flagellation. It would have to be an open list, I think.  Those
> with fragile unegos are safer on moderated lists.
> Unfortunately it has been my observation over a number of years that
> there is a strong tendency to carpet-chewing mouth-frothing
> Schicklgruberian tantrums in the ranks of unselfregarding people who
> feel that their unlist, or their uncontribution, or their unego is
> under attack, but that is totally understandable and if somebody
> attacked me in such an amusing way I wouldn't find it at all funny
> either.
> Finally, and in a blaze of photoshoped new sunrise, an open invitation
> to all freedom-loving web-ers, to contribute to the (unmoderated)
> zeitgeist.  Visit The Concise Model of the Universe (www.xxos.net if
> you didn't know that already), enable pop-ups because as The Model is
> concise it all fits in one elastic window, click on the look-at-me red
> '+' symbol on the site tool bars, take a moment to register (so you
> can get back in easily later - no credit card required) and add your
> own peculiar understanding of what is going on to what is going on.
> I look forward to your contributions be they flaming, frigid, fecund,
> flaccid, flatulent, funny, formicatious, or (to introduce you to a
> Maori word) whatever.
> A Paul Annear
> -- 
> Paul Annear
> www.xxos.net

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