[NetBehaviour] From Artist and Writer RichieMcLean.

Richard McLean richiemclean at bigpond.com
Tue Jun 14 10:21:29 CEST 2005

G'Day all.

I just thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Richie McLean, and I am an artist/writer/musician/multimedia 
artist from Melbourne, Australia.

I have studied Fine Art and CAAD, and have worked for the two major 
newspapers here in Melbourne.

I have also written an autobiographical art book, 'Recovered, Not 
Cured, a journey through schizophrenia', which has been release in 
North America this month. I will be having an exhibition of prints from 
the book at: www.gallerygora.com, Montreal,  in August.

My online portfolio, my band (which includes two others as a folk rock 
3-piece), and information on the Human rights awards winning book is 
available on my webpage, www.richiemclean.com, which I invite you to 

I have also nearly finished a new project that aims to celebrate 
diversity amongst 'normal people'-by interviewing them digitally over 6 
images I have drawn, and posting their stories.

It is called 'Truth, Shock and Context'.

The interviews are available for download, and snapshots of each 
interview will be provided online in the next week.

What do these people have in common?
-An 88 year old married pensioner
-A christian psycho-social mental health worker,
-A Gay porn star,
-A (Gay) Married lesbian mother of two,
-A Mentally ill gallery owner,
-A Bilingual pop artist from Thailand?

Find out this and more at my personal webpage, www.richiemclean.com!

I hope you get the chance to peruse my online world, and I look forward 
to being a part of the netbehaviour.com revolution!

Any comments, queries, or diplomatic debate is most welcome.

Enjoy the show.

Best Regards,


Richard McLean
Designer/Artist/Musician/Writer/Consumer Consultant
Web: http://www.richiemclean.com
High Resolution art downloads:

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, 
then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Wickedness is a myth invented by good people to account for the 
curious attractiveness of others" -Oscar Wilde

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