[NetBehaviour] NetBehaviour and Academia

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu Jun 16 16:47:02 CEST 2005


I think that I'm getting this now...

- may be it is time for furtherfield to claim a little territory 
regarding Netbehaviour, so it can be promoted as much as other projects 
and events.

- Also a statement (text) about the residency so that those academics 
who are creatively challenged can read a more regarding its context...

So residencies are accepted officially

have i got the jist right here?


> brain too warped from being mutated & adapted to the tune of funding 
> proposal jargon to process properly but i like the suggestions so far ...
> i think we are already moved into (beyond?) the experimental activity 
> phase ...
> does it deserve a whole *page* on the site?
> i would like to suggest that you also add a page to the furtherfield 
> site with some good recipes for making nutritious & tasty meals from 
> stale bread (i can contribute a couple) as i think this would be 
> useful for furtherfield artists.
> h ; )
> At 1:29 AM +0100 16/6/05, marc wrote:
>> so what do other people think about such thingz....
>> place a quote below...
>> marc
>>> im adding another here :-)
>>> what about this nibz...
>>> A contemporary artist no longer needs to mutate and adapt their 
>>> intention(s) to the tune of any academic driven mind-set. Culture is 
>>> now our teacher, and of course those who dare to explore beyond any 
>>> given or imposed canon or style. marc garrett.
>>>> Marc and I have recently received a couple of emails requesting 
>>>> that we add a page to the NetBehaviour website stating our 
>>>> rigourous peer-reviewed process. This would guarantee cudos and 
>>>> career points to academics (especially in the USA in need of tenure 
>>>> points) who contribute to the list.
>>>> It could make more sense to write a collective statement of process 
>>>> and quality assurance; )
>>>> I like this as a start.
>>>> "Our practical conclusion is the following: we are abandoning all 
>>>> efforts at pedagogical action and moving toward experimental 
>>>> activity" - Asger Jorn: Notes on the Formation of the Imaginist 
>>>> Bauhaus, 1957
>>>> spotted here 
>>>> <http://www.copenhagenfreeuniversity.dk/>http://www.copenhagenfreeuniversity.dk/ 
>>>> Ruth

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