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rich white counterwork at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jun 20 18:28:24 CEST 2005


what comes to my mind about interface regarding your residency is the ways
that you have used them to draw the viewer into the work. particularly
with the recent jennifer ley collaboration, which i think is the most
succesful yet at having the interface both lead the viewer and allow them
a feeling of control over how the piece unfolds.
other pieces contained simple instructions (such as 'hold mouse down')
which i felt were sometimes unnecessary as the works already seemed to
contain an 'experiment with me' invitation in the way that they were
this is just a personal preference of mine though, i like the interface to
suggest that i do things rather that instruct. the use of the + and -
symbols in the nelson & ley piece was a good, simple way of informing the
viewer when the click of the mouse would do something or not.
the pitfalls of are that sometimes people may miss bits, not realise that
something is a button or won't hang around long enough if nothing seems to
be happening. it's a bit of trial and error really - to find the balance
that leads people in but doesn't dictate. that and viewers having patience
enough to stick with a piece and be inquisitive enough to try different

hope this helps a bit


> I am wrapping up my residency soon, and wanted to write something up
about the experience. Part of that essay will cover the idea of
> interface. What is means, how ti changes/alters/re-translates work, how
it functions as a text in itself and more.
> So I would love it if others could send out their comments regarding
interface, whatever your thoughts might be, and I will incorporate them
into the final residency site.
> cheers, Jason
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