[NetBehaviour] RIP - ICY - BOX

Stefan Immelmann-Winter s.immelmann-winter at i-mem.net
Mon Jun 20 23:15:06 CEST 2005

Attached mp3 file (download
http://stefan.immelmann-winter.i-mem.net/images/rip-icy-box.mp3 (35KB) is
what left a diskcrash from 5 years personal Data. Result is a loop of
maximum de.com.pression. 

Feel free to remix. If you´d like to have a wav... ask.

Stefan Immelmann-Winter

Rümpeler Weg 70
23843 Bad Oldesloe

Telefon: +49 (4531) 898654
Mobil: +49 (160) 4112830
Mail: s.immelmann-winter at i-mem.net

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