[NetBehaviour] Discussion on Jason Nelson's Residency...

ryan griffis grifray at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 29 23:36:35 CEST 2005

>  So I propose to get the ball rolling with some questuions that I have 
> been dying to ask:
>  Marc: Jason, I would like to know what elements effected you and what 
> you found was to be different, when working on other artists' 
> materials, what went through your mind as you made new work, out of a 
> valuable and potentially sensitive resource?

Thanks for the tireless work during your residency Jason, it sounds 
like you've sacrificed quite a few things in order to present us with 
these pieces. although i have been extremely inactive on the list since 
it reopened, i've been reading and interacting with the works you've 
to follow marc's question, but in a different direction, i'm curious 
about your thoughts on the relationship between the spaces in which you 
were working (whether in bed or sitting in your car) and the process of 
distributing them over an email list and urls. you're narratives that 
accompanied the links provided an interesting, and not merely 
tangential, link to physicality...
thanks again + good luck with the IRS and your teeth!

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