[NetBehaviour] Residency Responses number 1

Jason Nelson newmediapoet at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 30 14:28:37 CEST 2005

Marc and all,

In response to Marc's question below:
MARC SEZ: [[Jason, I would like to know what elements
effected you and what you found was to be different,
when working on other artists' materials, went through
your mind as you went through the process of using
such a valuable and potentially sensitive resource?]]

I went through sways, these periods of confidence and
insecurity. At first I was very worried about simply
getting enough material. I was worried that I would
need, be forced, grab other's work, without consent
(which I did a few times anyway), and how that might
offend those whose work I corralled. But luckily there
were heaps of volunteers, and others who agreed

This however created a new problem. Who to pick. I was
afraid if I didnt pick someone their feelings might be
hurt, their ego stilted. Sadly, I am sure I
left many many great talents and friends out of the
residency. I just didnt want to only do the well
known, the regular posters, I wanted to bring others
in from other areas of my life. Hence the Niece and
Nephew, the Davin Heckman, the Strickland and others.
In addition, the residency was a way to say thank you
to some, while accomplishing another goal.

Perhaps my greatest fear in creating with  other's
work, was the annoyingly resilient phantom thought
that they would think it sucks, that they just didnt
like it. After a few days there were these
expectations for how each residency creation would be
different and uniquely involve the base materials, the
images and text of others. And I knew those whose work
I used were looking forward to seeing what
I did. So, unlike those poems we throw into envelopes
in exchange for rejection slips a few months later.
There was an immediate response, one that I dreaded
and impatiently waited for. And even when the
comments were good, I still found some negative or
'not as positive' to emphasize.

Originally I had intended on using the loadMovie
command for most of the creations. Basically I wanted
to pull other's SWFs into an interface, without
changing the work, simply pulling in a url and
having it work with I built. Unfortunately most of the
SWF urls sent my way were to big (file size) to use
with any speed.  So I used a decompiler, to rip apart
the swf and yank out the sounds and images
and even actionscript from the published file.
Honestly, I hadnt realized how easy this is to do, and
it was a bit strange, as if I was invading someones
home and using their bath towels and reading their
daily calenders. Or perhaps a better description would
be pulling the salt from a baked cake.

And as far as precious resource. Fortunately I dont
think many of those who agreed for me to use their
work, thinks of their art in that way. That is the
beauty with digital bits, there are no real
originals. So I wasn't corrupting the original, but
simply building something from the clone of the
original. The other benefit is that however their
writing or images or sounds were presented, the
readers know the context of the residency and that any
wackiness or changes to the 'resources" were created
by me and thus any crappiness or missed
context or whatever was not of their doing.

Hmmmm....I dont think I answered the
question...alas....next I will answer the place
location inquiry...which was one of the great
surprises with this experience.

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