[NetBehaviour] Inviting resting NetBehaviourists

Ruth Catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Sat May 14 19:40:03 CEST 2005

Hi resting NetBehaviourists,

The NetBehaviour mailing list is now back with renewed vigour!


After the recent enforced break (due to trubble at the Furtherfield 
server (now fixed)) we have moved over to Mailman.

This means that we now have:
- an automatic subscribe and unsubscribe function
- the option to receive mails in a daily digest
- a subject header to allow us to filter our list mails
- an automatic online archive of all mails - 

We hope that this new, more robust software will make it easier for us 
all to collaborate in creating NetBehaviour.

One of the NetBehaviour elements most missed by the Furtherfield team 
has been the List Residencies. We'd like to kick these off again as 
soon as possible, so volunteer yourself or another likely candidate. 
Lewis Lacook and Jason Nelson have already been voted for, so if either 
of you would like to kick off, don't hold back :-)


About NetBehaviour List Residencies

An in-house, networked artist/curator/writer residency built by users 
of the NetBehaviour list lasting for 2 weeks where a practicioner's 
work is seen, as part of the list experience, adding different kind of 
authentic stuff to the list- exploring more than debate alone, through 

Brief info about Residencies: -
- Residencies last for 2 weeks
- Maximum size of image per post- 35k
- Maximum number of posts - every six hours
- Minimum nuber of posts - one a day

Any member on the list can suggest a potential resident artist.
The list members vote for a resident - it only takes 7 yes votes... but 
if there are 8 votes against, the residency does not happen for that 
Rules change and adapt according to  suggestions by NetBehaviourists - 
active list members:-)

Documentation of the first residency can be viewed on the Netbehaviour 
website http://www.netbehaviour.org/bradbrace.html. There is still some 
work to be done documenting Mez and Ivan Pope's residencies but from 
now on we have a better process for doing this.

So don't forget to resubscribe.
Here is where you do it 

Hope to see you there soon
the Furtherfield Crew

  NetBehaviour is an open email list community for sharing ideas, 
posting events & opportunities in the area of networked distributed 
creativity. Also facilitating collaborations between artists, 
academics, soft groups, writers, code geeks, curators, independent 
thinkers, relationalists, activists, networkers, net mutualists, new 
media types, new media performers, net sufis, non nationalists.

Join in and get involved make our history here and now before its too 
late, before someone else does it for us. Remember you/we, are the 
medium -  we are the context - we are the frontline - we are the real 
source of networked creativity. Let's explore the potentials of this 
global network.
This is just the beginning.

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